Composer. Arranger. Pianist.

Javier Coble, is one of the foremost flamenco pianists of Spain, As a composer and interpreter he has been with the Spanish dance company among others He was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the choreographic competition in La Havana in 1998 along with Pau Martinez and Emilio Galazo for the composition, Coincidences.
He performed his composition De Azabache y Plata with the National Ballet of Spain in the Albeniz theatre in Madrid, the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow and the Merkin Concert Hall in New York.

He has received awards for original music at the National Choreography Competition for Spanish Dance and Flamenco in 2001 and 2003.  He was also a member of the Jury for the same competition in 2004 and 2006, and he did an exclusive performance as a guest artist in the last 2008 Albéniz competition. He also performed the De Azabache y Plata concert with Maria Vega on spanish dance,in the acts of closing of the Spanish presidency of UE in Kuala-Lumpur (Malasya) in 2010.

His first solo CD, De Azabache y Plata was released in 2001 is the result of three years of research aimed at adapting the rich language of flamenco to the contemporary piano, with the Spanish classical piano of Falla, Albeniz and Turina as a reference,and with seasoning provided by percussion and instruments from all over the world.  His second CD, Cuadernos de la Danza, is for piano solo and includes some of his own compositions, and his last CD “Amares” includes his awarded music and other orchestral & piano compositions

Recently, he have worked with the CDN (National Centre of Drama) in various performances, as Life of Galileo (Bertolt Brecht), The Magical Labyrinth (Max Aub) And Montenegro, the Barbary comedies (R. M. del Valle-Inclán) under the direction of Ernesto Caballero. With this last performance, he have obtained his first nomination of the MAX theatre awards.