Composer. Arranger. Pianist.

Azabache y Plata

03 Azabache

speaker-xxl De Azabache y Plata.mp3

Four original compositions and many other versions of flamenco music of Paco de Lucía & others. A brad new piano language on flamenco and spanis classical music. Piano, violin, percussion, ... and Mayte bajo on castanets



speaker-xxl Puñaos de Sal.mp3

Compilation of music for spanish dance composed during the last 10 years and arranged for quartet, grand orchestra and solo piano. Includes original scores in .pdf format.

Cuadernos de la Danza

01 coble

speaker-xxl Bailar de Arquitectura.mp3

Eleven original Spanish dance and flamenco compositions for solo piano, in the style of the classical compositors of XX cent.

De Oriente a Occidente


speaker-xxl Cetus Apostolici.mp3

First CD of the Pecata minuta ensemble that includes eigth themes of middle ages music inspiration Original project of Javier Coble & Sergey Saprychev

Joaquin Diaz Foundation

The following CD’s have been recorded in collaboration with the Fundación Joaquin Diaz. All music composed arranged and performed by J Coble, inspired in several popular tunes

05 robres1

speaker-xxl El Ole.mp3

XIX - XX cents. Piano, violin & vocals..

06 marin

speaker-xxl Arrion.mp3

XIX - XX cents. Piano, violin, castanets & vocals.

07 cortes

speaker-xxl El Sereno.mp3

XIX - XX cents. Piano, violin, violoncello, flute, clarinet, sax, mandolin & vocals.

08 independencia_a

speaker-xxl Sonatina.mp3

XVIII - XIX cents. Pianoforte, violin, flute, romantic guitar, castanets & vocals.

09 catolica

speaker-xxl Ysabel Elige Esposo.mp3

Songs of the Spanish Queen Isabel la Católica. Clavichord, organetto, nickelharpa, percussion, lute & Vocals.

10 salinas

speaker-xxl A Caballo va Bernardo.mp3

XVI cent.. Organetto, clavichord, nickelharpa, percussion, flute, viola, Hurdy-Gurdy & vocals.